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You could tell me something about yourself first, such as age, sex, location... whatever that comes to your mind that you wish to share with me. I promise not to bite too hard. Just kidding. I'm pretty open-minded and will surely add you anyway. As long as you give me that comment first.

Flixster Quiz.

Dissy Saw scored 82% on the
"name the actor????" Quiz
81 out of 99 correct, 8 minutes, 29 seconds
Flixster: Quizzes - Trailers - Movies

And My False Answers:

BLA-BLA-BLACollapse )
It's not my fault I can't find a proper Nao x Akiya (Kagrra,) fics to begin with and then I have to occupy my mind with others.

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MP3 Shuffle Meme

This is a meme I found on Last.fm.
I'm using lyrics of the songs as replies to the questions.
Okay, here we go.

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What I Should Call Myself From Now On...

My home village, Noormarkku, joined the city of Pori @ 01/01/2010.

I'm both amused and pissed off by the fact that now I should call myself a citizen.

Seriously, LoL.

I hate Pori, especially the general attitude of its citizens. I don't want to be a part of it and in my heart, I will never be. Even though there was a time when I hated Noormarkku from the bottom of my heart and I still may not want to live here my whole life, its still my home and the place where my heart belongs. No city or no other village should ever conquer this amazing place fully.

EVER. This is my opinion and I will keep it.

Song translation

Sorry for another post within this night.
But I was listening to one song by Kaija Koo (my favorite female singer) and somehow this certain song brought Uruha and Aoi up to my mind, so I thought to translate it.
I don't know how good this translation is, but don't mind it now. XD

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I hate wasps.

They're all over me.

If only I didn't have this horrible phobia, I wouldn't have to go smoking at the balcony with fear that they'll attack me again. During fall, their behavior gets worse for some reason, as if they're drunk or something. A few years ago, the sky was blackened by them and you can just imagine how fjifhifkfnfidhdortjtingkh!!! I was!!!

Someone please kill them!